Definately no glass-fronted highrise here, no regular staff tea time or fixed policies about anything really... other than an agenda to promote good home grown music. In fact if there's a head office at all it's the 4m of hollow-core door that serves as a communal desk between the 24 track Lyric tape recorder and the ups in the back of the control room at Peace of Eden's main studio in Knysna. What a cool office too, its peers out over an ancient forest of yellow and stink woods that help energise the good stuff we do. But back to the agenda...

So you have a cool CD, made locally with love and a good measure of originality. Get it to us now, we're interested, we want to spread it everywhere. Maybe you're into business, you have a cigar/wine bar in town or a chai tent in your back garden, thousands of cd-buying people flock by daily, we're interested again, we want to place a HGM stand next to your till, that way you're assured of a place in heaven!

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