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South African music artists Krushed & Sorted are the DJ/producer team who started and still run African Dope Records. Since they combined record cases to become a DJ crew in late ‘97, K&S have become a dominant force in the underground SA music industry. They have headlined most festivals and major music events and are setting new standards for SA music production with their special brand of bass heavy PHAT beats in all styles and tempos from dub, hip-hop and trip-hop to nuskool breaks and jungle.

The label was launched in April 2000 with K&S's debut release Acid Made Me Do It' - the ultimate DIY album, put together on a Pentium I PC and old Yamaha sampler with samples downloaded from the internet. Since then, the duo have been too busy to create any new song releases themselves - mixing and mastering almost every release on the label, touring Europe and Africa, running the label, and producing a huge volume of productions for TV ads and cinema has kept these South African music artists on their toes.

Since 2000, the original Dopeheadz have incorporated DJ Inka into the team, and have developed a live show based around DJ, sampler and visuals, with guest vocalists and musicians. They're working on new multimedia formats – forms that fuse electronic and live music with exciting visuals.


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