Brent Kozak

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There is no one that sounds like Brent in the country. Probably one of the most refreshing South African music artists with one of the most original albums, The Rice Paddy Tour stands out like a sore thumb from any of its … um well, from anything! Telling stories through the lilt and sway of breezy blue grass numbers is what Brent does best, although all is not as it seems. This cleverly chosen medium of middle American folk initially appears to be humorous entertainment, whilst in actual fact it serves as a hidden vessel for Brent’s thought-provoking social commentary. Funny, catchy and intelligent songs twang forth through a genre that is seldom explored by South African music artists, each one holding the potential to be an anthem for some major cause or another. It is not surprising that The Rice Paddy Tour has garnered interest from advertising companies and NGO’s alike, for despite its contrasting target market one is likely to find threads of commonplace that unite. An album well suited to anyone’s record collection – The Rice Paddy Tour has huge appeal. If it’s not playing from your hifi, don’t be surprised to hear it belting from your TV.



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  1. Brent is a legend!!! Met him recently and was amazed at his feel and sense of music and skill.

    I recommend you check out a show...