Dan Patlansky

Some things acquire legendary status, and South African music artist extraordinaire Dan Patlansky is one of those ‘things’. No disrespect meant by the lack of persona here, actually the opposite is implied. It is hard to find words that would aptly give credit to this enigma of a guitar-conquering blues master, so perhaps inanimate descriptions will do! Imagine a bottle of Jack Daniels, throw in a few packets of illegally smuggled filterless cigarettes, add the richest darkest chocolate you can find and then set fire to it all. Watch the ashes rise in a cloud of holy smoke and this is Dan Patlansky! Grinding riffs with smouldering melodies permeate your cells before reaching your ears, you will feel this music in your bones and be moved – if not in your soul then definitely in your body. If you get a chance to see Dan play live, take it. His stage presence is electrifying, with guitar skills that’ll blow your mind. Definitely a ‘thing’ not to be missed!



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  1. I ordered all of Dans CDs from look n listen Greenstone a month ago and i find it hard that it takes allthis time to order a local artist as an avid blues fan for the last 40 years i am also dumb struck wen a cd shop tells me they have to import the CDs I hope You will look in to this matter thank you Rob
  2. Hi- I am desperately trying to get Dan Patlansky 20 stones/Wooden Thoughts and Move My Soul- Where can I get them from?
  3. How is it possible that Dan Patlansky cd's just dont seem to be available in SA. Ask at Musica and get blank stares........