DJ Mzakes

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DJ Mzakes is a beacon of inspiration to township youth across the southern Cape, his reputation as an innovative house DJ has garnered fans much further afield. Mention his name in Kwanokatula on the outskirts of Plettenberg Bay or Smutsville in Sedgefield and you’re likely to get an enthusiastic response. This top South Africa music artist exudes an air of confidence beyond his young age and his sense of purpose is all the more remarkable given his circumstances.

Mzakes Simka was born with muscular dystrophy, a broad term describing a wide variety of degenerative muscular conditions brought on by inherited genetic disorders. Symptoms are weakness caused by denervation largely affecting his legs and therefore his mobility but he’s extremely sharp and you get no sense of his being impaired until he has to physically move about.

Faced with diminished physical capacity he turned his attention to music production. Within a year he was transcending the metaphysical with hypnotic beats and loops created on borrowed low-spec computers. Despite the rough edges to his new found craft he was overwhelmed to discover everyone was listening, enthusiastically.



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