Felix Laband

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In March 2001, when Felix Laband released his epic debut Thin Shoes in June, there was a tangible buzz in the ozone layer. South Africa had found a unique new electronica voice in Felix. There were quirky beats, playful cocktail lounge yearnings and inventive, sometimes kwaito-edged acid jazzy vibes, but undercutting it all was also something far more menacing, sinuous, and darkly beautiful.

The South African music artist at the forefront of this burgeoning scene released another album in October 2004. Titled Dark Days Exit, this is Felix Laband’s third release, following on from his two previous, critically acclaimed albums on African Dope Records. It reflects the music artist’s forays into classical instrumentation whilst still audibly remaining true to his unique style that seems to walk the thin red line between lush and disconcerting ‘beatscapes’.

Felix describes it as his first true album, where he feels the music represents his vision alone. The result is a truly beautiful electronica album, mixed and arranged with absolute genius each track has distinct character, never slipping into the wallpaper monotony of current lounge fodder.

Originally hailing from Pietermaritzburg (wedged somewhere in the pastoral, rolling green hills of KwaZulu-Natal), the South African music artist experimented with punk bands and computer animation before discovering PC-based music. A move to Cape Town saw the release of Thin Shoes in June. The success of the album's uniquely whimsical atmospheric chill-beat style catapulted Felix into the SA music limelight, and he has rapidly become South Africa’s premier electronic musician.



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