Fiona Hare

Singer, pianist, guitarist and drummer, Fiona was raised on a farm in Hermanus, in the Hemel en Aarde Valley. Her father plays the violin and her mother the piano, and so, they started her young. She started playing the piano at 5, and naturally went on to play guitar, drums and didgereedoo in highschool, taking classical guitar as a subject. She has trekked across the Sinai desert with a darambuka on her back, seeking drumming styels from the Bedouins.

Her music hearkens to a raw resonance with nature, and she believes in the organic, unjaded sound. She experiments with Dark Folk and Blues in the indie folk genre. She has played in and across Cape Town at various clubs: Boo Radley's, The Barleycorn, The Armchair Theatre, Ferryman's, Obs Cafe, The Melting Pot, The Alma Cafe, Jackal & Hyde, and Trinity. She continues to learn and grow through experimenting with sound: layering and looping her sound & harmonies which she calls "Folk-Tronica"


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