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Gary Thomas was born in Durban, South Africa in 1983 and relocated to Cape Town in 2006, where he formed acclaimed anti-folk duo Cabins in the Forest with Andy James. Shortly after releasing their album Spells for Bribes in 2007, the South African music artists separated and Gary began solo touring in January 2009. After moving to Cape Town in 2006, Gary recorded a collection of songs, officially released as his ‘debut’ album three years later, entitled Wooden Boxes & Thought Hunting.

“Wooden Boxes wasn’t going to be released. I just churned out these songs in a stream of consciousness, written quickly and largely improvised. But most of the music I’ve played at shows in the last year is on Contraption Distoria. It’s the first time I’ve recorded the stomp box and haven’t layered the songs too much so it really captures the essence of my live show, how the music is delivered, with a few touches here and there of course.”

Thomas studied classical guitar in school and completed a music degree at The University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban in 2005, majoring in jazz guitar. Reviewers and audiences have had trouble defining this South African music artist’s genre due to his eclectic and dynamic range of compositions, but phrases like ‘anti-folk’, ‘psychedelic’, ‘progressive experimental folk’ and ‘one-man jamming machine’ have been thrown around in the press.

Utilizing a stomp box (an amplified wooden box that produces a fat kick drum sound), an acoustic guitar and distinct, uncanny vocal work, Gary’s music wavers between the intimate and the violent, with a huge range of diversity and timbre.

Heavy metal acoustic guitar playing creates such a large sound on songs like ‘Gargantu-um’ and the instrumental ‘AWDFH’. Audiences are left questioning how such diverse music can be created with only one guitar. Complex percussive elements and poetic ramblings highlight ‘Stone Thrower’, ‘The Inventor’ and ‘Walls and Floors’.

He produced and engineered the album himself with only one special guest feature from guitar-hero Guy Buttery on the particularly eerie track ‘The Assassin Sat and Pondered’.



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    • posted on January 22, 2015
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