Gito Baloi

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Gito Baloi (September 30, 1964 – April 4, 2004) was an African musician born in Mozambique. Originally known for his collaborations and as a member of the trio Tananas, his haunting voice and bass guitar also shine through on his solo albums Ekhaya (1995), Na Ku Randza (1997), Herbs & Roots (2003) and the posthumously released Beyond (2008). Baloi sang vocals on the song ‘Mountain Wind’ on the album Bush Telegraph by Landscape Prayers, and was also credited on the album for production and mixing. In 2004, Baloi recorded Sweet-Thorn, a duo album with South African music artist and Landscape Prayers guitarist Nibs van der Spuy. Baloi was shot dead in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 4, 2004 while on his way home from a concert in Pretoria. He was 39 years old.



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