Jeremy Crutchley

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Some artists ooze creativity from every pore of their body. They eat, breathe and sleep the stuff. Jeremy Crutchley is one of them. Already a hugely successful and established actor with a string of achievements to his name, Jeremy needs little introduction as an entity on the creative scene. As a South African music artist, however, his talents are only just being released onto public territory, where watchful eyes and loyal fans eagerly regard this alternate venture. Luckily for Jeremy, and for us, there is no chance of this project being considered a half-baked or whimsical attempt, for what Jeremy does, he does with uncompromising vigour. So out comes Release, a lifelong consummation of Jeremy’s musical endeavours. Encapsulated is a rocking montage of characters, scenes and stories that have coloured Jeremy’s personal narrative into a musical climax, what you get is sincere, quirky, fun and brilliant - the epitome of Jeremy really. The production and song writing is streets ahead of many other South African music artists, never for a moment letting on that this is not actually Jeremy’s mainstream career. Perhaps it should be. The professionalism of this album places it proudly on the shelf alongside international best sellers, some of which are already behind Jeremy’s musical vocation!



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  1. you are one multi-talented man Jeremy!!