Joshua Grierson

Joshua Grierson is a Cape Town born and raised singer and songwriter.

Grierson has been in the music industry for well over 10 years now but whilst playing in different bands with various different genres’s, like Neshamah and Lovehunter, he realised just over 3 years ago that pursuing his solo career would be the best decision.

Grierson describes his music as a mixture of Folk, Blues, Alt-Country and Rock and he has been banging away at his final product for just under 20 years.
With influences like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams, one can only imagine what type of sound this young man, now 3 months shy of 25 years old, is bringing to stages in and around the Cape Town area.
Critics and fans alike have described Grierson’s music as emotive, passion filled and heart felt. Lyrically, Grierson ponders on the ideas of love, life and everything else in the 21st century and questions if one has to be wealthy to be healthy.

In 2004, Grierson released his debut album, EmoKidJosh, with the help of friends and associated contacts and 3 years later recorded an 8 track demo, simply titled 8. Grierson now sells these 2 CD’s as a package at all his shows to help supplement his income as a full time musician, trying to cut it in the Cape Town live music industry.



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