Kalahari Surfers

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Since their politically charged experiments in loop-based protest music incurred the wrath of the apartheid government (who banned three of their albums) Warrick Sony is the only South African music artist who remains of the original Kalahari Surfers. In the meantime he's established a massive reputation as a film scorer, sound designer, African music DJ, album producer and collaborator with the likes of Massive Attack, MELT 2000 and Greg Hunter (The Orb).

It's hard to find a music personality in South Africa with as much experience in the music industry (and anecdotes about it!) as Warrick Sony. With the arrival of African Dope on the scene in early 2000, Warrick produced the first new Kalahari Surfers album in over a decade AKASIC RECORD - a melting pot of dub, tribal rhythms and influences, live Asian and African instrumentation and sample mayhem that can only be described as ‘future afro’. The album has firmly re-established the Surfers as a dangerous new musical influence on a wholly new generation.

Since the album's release in late 2000, Warrick has toured Europe, and moved studios to the prestigious Milestone complex in the Cape Town city centre, where he has recently finished production on a new Kalahari Surfers album MUTI MEDIA.



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