Lancaster Band

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Long before skinny jeans hit the shelves in South Africa, new-wave ska group The Lancaster Band were sporting tight whites that would make your Grandpa shiver … literally. The late seventies belonged to this group of high school renegades, and they certainly gave their parents a run for their money! Retro clubs and town halls rocked the socks off the local police as the Mother City vibed to this exciting new movement. Spearheading the way for many a two-tone suite, this top South African band grew to be one of the country’s most talked about groups of their time. Their first album Comic Strip Heroes was snapped up by EMI and engineered by the now world famous Kevin Shirley. More recently it became one of a handful of albums to grace the front cover of the only book ever published on the history of South African music. Not so long ago the South African music artists had a reunion gig, where people from all over the country pulled in (vinyl in hand) to see these legendary rockers perform again. They had three encores, signed records, chatted to fans and left the stage with no uncertainty in anyone’s minds that this band set a high standard for all those that follow in their wake.



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