Lucy Kruger

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There are few things as inspiring as pure, unfettered talent in a hard-working, humble artist. Lucy Kruger is one of the very few acts on the South African music scene that possesses all of these attributes, and it shows in her work.
Originally from Grahamstown, Lucy recently arrived in Cape Town after completing her undergraduate degree in Music and her Honours in Drama at Rhodes University, and is set to take the notoriously hardnosed Mother City music scene by storm with her fresh take on indie/alternative rock.
Her singular sound is reminiscent of the fearless, female vocals of powerful acts like Sinéad O'Connor and Dolores O'Riordan from The Cranberries fame and also draws influence from the work of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos – culminating in a rich tapestry of skilful, versatile vocals bolstered by soulful melodies.



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