Natasha Meister

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Touted as one of South Africa's "bright young talents" (with a voice that will leave a room in awe and guitar skills said to be reminiscent of John Mayer), Meister's sound is a refreshing change of pace in an industry that has become characterized by over-production and a "one size fits all" approach to the nurturing of new talent.

She currently fronts the Natasha Meister Band, which includes Roger Bashew (bass) and Paul Tizzard (drums). The trio first met each other at a jam at the old Decodance in Woodstock, where Bashew and Tizzard (known at the time as The Lonesharks) were performing with Dave Ferguson. Meister started the evening as a solo artist but walked out, after having performed an impromptu set with The Lonesharks, with the makings of the Natasha Meister Band.

Canadian-born, Meister is the offspring of South African expats who recently returned to the Mother Continent, trailing their exceptionally talented younger daughter who has since grown into a full-blown musical prodigy. So much so, that aside from being endorsed by Paul Bothner (SA), Lakewood (Germany), and Moody Leather (USA), she also recently got the nod from Fender, which makes her the first ever Fender-endorsed female musician in the whole of Africa.



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