Nate Maingard

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"What you do not eat, I will devour…right down to the core.” These lyrics ring true of everything that is Nate Maingard: A passionate indie/folk singer-songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa, Nate lives his life completely immersed in his music and his joy of sharing it with his rapidly expanding South African and international audience.

In 2011 Nate played over 100 shows all over South Africa, performed at three festivals and toured tirelessly. He also recorded and released his debut album The Wild Land to much critical acclaim, one reviewer even going so far as to say “This has to be the most remarkable folk debut album in many a decade, and in my experience, in South Africa – ever!” (Helge Janssen,

In a small village on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula, Nate grew up in his father’s guitar-making workshop. Maingard Guitars being some of the best in the world, he learnt from an early age the origins of good music: from the best wood to use when making an acoustic guitar, to the sounds of Cat Stevens, Nick Drake and The Beatles. Since those early days of saw-dust, Nate has made his very own instrument and sound to go with it. His voice has been compared to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab For Cutie fame), while his easy style and melodic music brings the likes of Damian Rice, Coldplay and Jack Johnson to mind.

Nate’s aim is to “bring heartfelt, soul-filled indie/folk music even more into the ears and hearts of music fans in South Africa and the rest of the world".



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