Pierre Opperman

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Pierre Opperman is one of the most passionate and determined individuals to ever have a go at the South African music scene. No love or money could deter this man from immersing himself into the depths of the independent music networks, which has paid off in many respects. Having won a number of online categories for ‘album of the month’ and more, this South African music artist has proved his popularity over and over again to fans in his target market. With a catchy dance track ‘Desert Light’ that breaks away from his other more ‘folky’ numbers, Pierre has shown a flair for skilful contemporary songwriting that is bound to take him far.



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    • Pierre
    • posted on June 21, 2011
    Hi Howie
    Thanx for the vote of confidence.....like your.take..my "biography":)
  1. Congrats Pierre great voice