Rudolph de Wet

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Haunting tales of love and loss scatter the sun-bleached landscapes of Rudolph De Wet’s musical narrative. Rich complexities of the Afrikaner character become visible amongst simple melodies. Imagery of desert and stillness both literally and figuratively imply vast amounts of space to reflect. Herein a subtle introspection becomes inevitable for the listener. X13 feels like a tribute to all that is raw and real in a man’s soul, captured in a bubble of historical romanticism - poetic lament meets working-class hero. One doesn’t need to understand the Afrikaans language in order to get the message behind this South African music artist’s profound album. The intention is tangible in the first note. This said, as each song moves through your living space one feels inclined to leave the player on ‘repeat’, for it’s hard to tire of this album - a classic along the lines of Leonard Cohen meets Riaan Malan.


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    • Linda
    • posted on July 26, 2013
    Baie baie geluk met Plat Aarde! Ek kan nie wag om my kunstenaarskopie te ontvang nie! Moet asseblief Nooit ophou sing nie my watdehelpel!