Sarab Deva

Sarab Deva is a musician, composer and yogini whose devotional mantra music with high powered melodic vocals and hypnotic rhythms have been captivating audiences throughout Europe and Southern Africa. Previously signed to Sony/BMG Africa in 2003 as Nicole Billingham, she was nominated twice for the South African Music Award as Best Female Composer in 2004 for her original compositions released on her first EP 'Complicated' in 2003.
After several years in Europe, performing live, collaborating and developing her own distinct style of vocals and song writing, she found Kundalini Yoga and trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Hence she developed a deep soulful connection to the power of the sacred naad (sound current). At the same time she studied Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis and became fascinated with the psychotherapeutic potential of the spoken word and altered states of consciousness achieved through sound vibration.
Sarab Deva was born in South Africa and has been singing and playing music from early childhood. She has studied western classical vocals and also plays guitar and piano. She is a therapist, counsellor as well as a practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga.
Sarab Deva's first mantra album, 'Uplifting Mantras for You', which emphasises self development and personal growth, was released in April of 2013. Currently, she is touring and working on her second album due to be released in early 2014.
Sarab Deva still writes her own English songs and released her second digital EP in 2011 as Nicole Sky entitled 'What Are We Looking For'.



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