Steve Newman

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An exemplary of instrumental guitar in South Africa, South African music artist Steve Newman is a force to be reckoned with … musically speaking, of course. In fact, his persona is as gentle and understated as a meditating monk, evident in moments of his delicate technique. His skill, however, reaches the furthest corners of the universe, embodying a somewhat deity-like influence over all who strum a guitar in South Africa. Nevermind hearts, this much-loved icon captures spirit in his second solo album Flavour. His rhythmic percussive style mesmerizes one into a journey of vast proportions where almost every emotional texture is visited. Sometimes you want to dance, sometimes you want to cry. Without a doubt you’ll be moved on various levels. Whilst the strings hold it all together, tasty bites of eclectic sounds come through in various undefined forms and instruments to make Flavour a multi-layered palette of discovery. Somewhere between the earth and the stars this South African music artist will captivate you, from the moment you’ve read the song titles.



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