The Abbott Network

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Created in 2009, The Abbott Network is a unique and captivating original ensemble of South African music artists hailing from South Africa’s Mother City. The band’s repertoire can best be described as fusion. You can expect to hear influences from across the globe with strong authentic rhythms and soulful melodic attributes. The Abbott Network is predominantly a studio band that composes and records albums for public sales and broadcast. However, the instrumentalists of the band are also known for performing live as the backing band to solo artist Lindiwe Suttle. This is where The Abbott Network jumps out of the studio and onto the stage to rock it out ‘fusion style’. Combined, members of The Abbott Network carry many years of national and international experience. With a very diverse cultural make up The Abbott Network has the perfect platform to fuse together some interesting creative ideas. This is the secret behind the band’s unique and authentic sound. This top South African band caters for both young and old and is sure to capture the attention of a wide range of listeners. The Abbott Network completed their debut album titled Chapter One towards the end of 2009. The album has a polished urban feel and crosses through many genre’s including jazz, funk, drum & bass, rock and pop just to name a few. Lindiwe Suttle also features strongly on the debut album as one of the three vocal talents. You can hear her soulful tone on tracks such as ‘Jacuzzi’ and ‘Shouldn't Let Me’. The lyrical content of the album carries a strong social and political message that is the general focus of the band. Originating from a young democracy in South Africa, the topic is quite appropriate and the band voices some interesting viewpoints on current affairs and social circumstances. The album was recorded and produced by Abbott Audio Creative Sound Studio and promises to be a favourite among most music collections.



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