The Real Estate Agents

The Real Estate Agents are one of the most enigmatic South African electronic acts around! Sibot and Markus Wormstorm, two musical hit-men, approach every show with their unique and poignant blend of hard-hitting, often intricate and humorous, perfectly picked, body-lifting tunes – always live, always extra special and always as entertaining as possible.

The performances of these unique South African music artists are few and far between, not for lack of request, but rather by personal preference. These two sonic kings are not willing to wash out a sound that is so catchy it’ll leave you humming every scratch and synth line for weeks afterwards!

A relentlessly cutting edge approach to South African originality, with an array of samplers, laptops, feedback units and turntables, the two weave a web of electronic delight that has garnered them critical acclaim both at home in South Africa and abroad. Booking a show is worth every bit of effort, and attending one is a necessity for anyone calling themselves an electronic music aficionado.



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