Wendy Oldfield

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As long as one can remember Wendy Oldfield has been a part of the South African music scene. It’s not so much that she’s been around for centuries, of course, but perhaps it’s just that her voice is so classic and timeless. There is continuity in her sound that links her earliest (and very lucrative) work with The Sweatband right through the experimental ‘duwayo’ days to the contemporary stuff she is doing now. There is something quite soothing about this notion, like a familiarity figure that transcends time and space. There is a reason that this South African music artist has remained in the good books of the local audience and in high esteem with the press, and it’s likely to be because she has proven herself. Her albums are consistently strong and the songs are always a catchy. The Collection illustrates this quite clearly. Not to be confused with a compilation, it is mostly an array of beautifully recorded tunes (some old and some new) from Peace of Eden Music Studio near Wendy’s home. Produced in an intimate and earthy way (not too dissimilar to Wendy’s general nature), this latest CD release captures the soul-rock diva’s current vibe with some nostalgic splashes from the past.



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  1. Inge, you can email Wendy at woldfield@nashuaisp.co.za - I dont have any phone numbers for her.
  2. please send me Wendy Oldfield's contact number or email address as I want to get her up on garden route for a gig in September