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Musician friends! Are you one of the many South African artists / bands struggling to get your album out there? Do you have a good quality product that requires exposure? Home Grown Music is here to help you get your albums sold, without being clingy or particularly demanding! We realise that musicians need to make money and we also realise that the South African music industry is a tough one in which to earn a living. It doesn’t help when you have the goods but a lack of infrastructure within which to promote them. HGM recognises the ongoing struggle in this department and aims to provide a space for you to be heard.

There are a number of ways in which we sell your wares:

Album Sales

First and foremost we want your releases to be accessible to the public, consistently and reliably. The most obvious form of this at present is with:

Digital Album Downloads

It’s simple. We all know the deal. Click click and there it is! We sell your albums on our site, which is promoted in various ways to a global market via our networks, SEO guru’s and affiliates.

Hard Copy

Customers can also buy your CD’s, vinyl, cassettes (?!), DVD’s, merch (posters, stickers, T’s) – anything conceivable, via mail order. Of course, this involves you sending some goods to our warehouse, so we can sell it on to far off exotic destinations, like Potchefstroom.

Flash Drives

As ‘the CD’ slowly moves into the realm of 80’s nostalgia, we’ve found that the public & your fans still need/want to be able to buy something on hand, ‘in the moment’, at gigs. Also, it’s not always convenient or possible (thanks Telkom) to go online and download an artist efficiently, so an album purchasable on memory stick is a great in-between solution, a sort of digital hard copy! To make it even more appealing to your fans, HGM releases on flash will include an exclusive item by the artist (it could be a previously unreleased photo, B-sides song, tablature, limited edition poster..anything, the more creative the better!) which is not available anywhere else. We facilitate this by providing high end reusable 4G memory sticks, you provide the content (album, biog, artwork, pics etc).

The Financials

At HGM there are no ‘clients / employers / superiors / winners / losers’. We work as a team in all aspects of what we do to get this concept moving forward. In the same sense, we are looking at an equal partnership with everything that we do. Here are the key aspects:

All products sell for a fixed price across the board: If we feature you on our site, it means we find you extremely worthy of being marketed and sold as a fine independent South African band or artist. It doesn’t matter to us whether you’ve played a stadium, or just to your cat, if we feel you’ve got talent, you’re as worthy as the next. Please note, we only sell complete albums at this stage, no singles or EP’s.

- Downloads, Flash Drives & CD’s = R150 per unit

The money is split equally between the partners involved: Of course, in each instance a certain amount needs to be allocated to expenses first. We have averaged this out to be R30 per unit.

- Us & You For album sales and downloads from our site, or a shop/stall which we own, the partnership is a 50% split. So the maths look like this: R150(price) – R30(expense) ÷ 2(HGM & artist) = R60 per party.

If you are supplying us with CD’s you will get R60 + R30, so R90 per sale. If we are supplying you with the flash, you will get R60 per sale.

**For downloads there is no hard copy expense, so you get R75**

- Us, You & an Outlet Exactly the same will apply as the above, except this time there may be a third party involved, such as a retailer. So once the expense has been taken off and paid to the provider of the product (us = flash, you = CD) the balance gets split 3 ways:

R150(price) – R30(expense) ÷ 3(HGM, artist, retailer) = R40 per unit.

Exceptions: there always are, right?

- Vinyl. We love it, you love it and quite frankly, we need more of these high quality audio gems with your name on. Unfortunately being situated way down South means we’re a little challenged with regards to postage, competitive wax plants and, um, service. Thus, these things cost a hefty buck or two to produce (properly). So to encourage this delightful medium we’re gonna weigh things in your favour.

Sale per unit: R300. You take R200, we take R100.

We know this is a little higher than the standard $15 price per unit, however we figured that most SA artists would be releasing on vinyl as limited editions (for obvious reasons) thus the price is justified.

- Compilations (released via flash drive) These are used predominantly as promotional tools. They are there to let the public know about you via one of your best tracks, will feature your biog & pics and send fans to you online via links to your website and social media. You will be a feature of between 10 to 15 artists per compilation and we will work our butts off to get these out, both locally and internationally, as a form of exposure. We will do all the admin, like compiling your EPK on the flash, trekking around to get these sold and creating your profile on our website. The intention here is to get people to know about you, so that they’ll ultimately buy your album. Previously most of our artists have provided these free of charge to ‘help us help you’, however now we’ll be paying R3 per track to the artist, per unit sold. Essentially, it is these little guys that give us the means to be able to do what we do.

What You Should Know

Our Deal: Whilst we may be cheaper than some retailers and more expensive than others, we aim to provide you with a fair deal which balances out between hard copy and downloads. If you do your research, you will find that we provide the artist with a higher cash percentage per unit sold than most traditional retailers in SA (no names mentioned but if you Look you’ll Listen to the Musica). The difference is in the fact that we are not a corporation with faceless people selling albums they’re not interested in, but a boutique music company that cares about every artist we associate with. We choose carefully who we work with, are not interested in local music politics and are passionately working like Jedi knights to get your name into people’s subconscious. If you have any concerns or queries, you will always be able to speak to the HGM director about it. Not an assistant, or a computer, but the head honcho.

Quality: There are certain standards that Home Grown Music adheres to when it comes to the music, artists and bands we endorse. We are not Amazon, or a corner shop. We won’t just sell anything to make a fast buck. This being said, we are also not prejudiced towards any particular styles or genres. We may play a lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll in our office, although if anything we try to provide our buyers with a contrasting selection of sounds. We are, however, quite particular about making sure that the production quality is good and, of course, that you have something we believe in. In certain instances we may love your music but feel that the audio does not do the product justice. In this instance, we may suggest you come back to us once you have something better. ***Disclaimer*** Whilst we appreciate that low fi is all the rage, we can still tell the difference between an album recorded in a cabin next to a forest on vintage tape AND a cell phone. The latter being a no no. Even if you are the next Bon Iver.

Non Exclusive: We want you to make money, in as many ways as is humanely possible without prostitution. So we are non-exclusive. Get your product out there, work hard, be bold and embrace every opportunity you are given. We are just one avenue you can use for exposure and income, there are many parallel paths that can work in conjunction with us. Do it!

Transparency: It can all get a little confusing when you have stock in a million places. With us, you are able to track your products and sales via our user friendly artist login on the HGM website, which will be updated monthly. Furthermore, all flash drives sales will be associated with serial numbers, so at any time we can track quantity available/sold.

Team Spirit: Ultimately, we rely on everyone to make this system a success so that we can all move forward. The artists, distributors and public need to become proactive in order for South African music to become a profitable and sustainable reality. It is elsewhere in the world, so why not here? Please reply to our emails, send us stock on time without us having to beg, be professional and take your musical career seriously if you want to make a success of it. This being said, people make mistakes. If you do, we’ll forgive you and please take the same approach with us. This is a newish venture and crazy times, communicate any concerns with us before they become an issue! On the flip side, let’s pat each other on the back when things go well.

Submissions: If you would like to be featured on our compilations or sell your albums with us, please chat to:

We look forward to hearing from you!